Straight Talk Promo Code and Coupons for November 2014

Current Straight Talk Promo Codes

  1. Free Shipping on Any Model of Mobile Phone
  2. Free Shipping on any SIM card orders amounting to $14.99 or more
  3. Samsung T404G Mobile Phone Unlimited Plan for only $45
  4. Free Shipping on both Micro and Regular SIM cards purchases amounting to $14.99 or more
  5. Free Shipping on purchasing any of the Straight Talk Phone Bundle options
  6. LG Optimus Black Mobile Phone Unlimited Plan for only $45
  7. Free Flip Phone with the LG 220C Mobile Phone Unlimited Plan for only $45
  8. Free Phone with the LG 420C Mobile Phone Unlimited Plan for only $45

Tips on How to Use and Apply Straight Talk Promo Codes

Straight Talk is one of the leading wireless companies in the industry of “pay as you go” mobile
services. The company offers cost-efficient and more affordable mobile plans to all of their customers.
A brand of the TracFone, which is also one of the major players in the industry of prepaid phones,
Straight Talk has become the number one choice of individuals looking for affordable mobile services.
Using a Straight Talk promo code can even further reduce the monthly expenses that these mobile
subscribers have to think about.

One of the best things about this wireless service provider is that, aside from offering the two different
types of cost-efficient plans mentioned above, you can also reduce your expenses further when you
use a valid Straight Talk promo code. There are many promo codes that are being offered for different
services and products, such as discounts on mobile phones, free shipping on their products, and many
other great deals. So if you want to be able to take advantage of all these benefits, then you should
follow the tips below on how to use and apply these Straight Talk promotional codes.

Tip No. 1: Determine which Straight Talk Product you would Like to Purchase

As mentioned above, there are many different types of Straight Talk promotional codes that you can
use, and some of these are for the products that the company has to offer. So the first thing that you
need to do in order for you to be able to use and apply any of the valid Straight Talk promo code is
to determine which mobile product you would want to purchase. Straight Talk is currently accepting
promo codes for almost all of their mobile phones, so you would definitely be able to find the right
phone that will suit your needs, your preference, and your budget.

Some of the mobile phones where you can use a valid and current Straight Talk promo code include
the following:

  • Samsung R451C
  • LG 320G
  • LG800G
  • Samsung SGH-T155G
  • LG 100C
  • Samsung SGH-T330G
  • LG 501C
  • Samsung SGH-T245G
  • LG 505C
  • LG 500G
  • Motorola EX124G
  • LG 320G
  • LG 235C

The steps on utilizing a valid Straight Talk promo code for purchasing air time varies depending on the
mobile phone that you will use. However, it is still easy to use and apply a promotional code as the

steps that you need to follow on each mobile phone are similar to each other. Below is an example of
how to utilize a code for buying air time on a Samsung R451C model:

Step 1: Press the option below “Menu”
Step 2: Make sure that “Prepaid” is highlighted on the phone’s screen, then press “OK”
Step 3: Using the navigation buttons, highlight the option “Buy Airtime,” then press “OK”
Step 4: Choose the denomination of the airtime minutes you would like to purchase, then
press “OK”
Step 5: “Have a promo code?” will appear on the screen of your phone. Choose “YES” and enter
the 5 digit Straight Talk promo code that you have. Press the option below “OK.”
Step 6: Wait for the message: “Processing, keep your phone turned on to receive your Airtime.”

Tip No. 2: Visit the Website of Straight Talk for Current and Valid Promo Codes

Another tip on how to use and apply a valid and current Straight Talk promo code is to visit the official
website of Straight Talk. This is where you will find all of the information that you need about the
various products and services that this wireless company has to offer. This is also where you will get the
details on how to use any of the promotional codes they are accepting and where you can specifically
utilize these codes. You should also consider joining the company’s mailing list in order to get more
exclusive promo codes, discounts, and other great deals.

Tip No. 3: Look for Third Party Websites offering Current Straight Talk Coupon Codes

Aside from the official website of Straight Talk, you will also find numerous other third party websites
that offer various Straight Talk promotional codes. These codes are also designed for the company’s
wireless services and products. It is easy to use a valid and current Straight Talk promo code through
the website of a third party. All you need to do is to look for the promotion that you would want to take
advantage of and follow the steps indicated on the website. Some third party sites will also just require
you to click on the promo and you will already be redirected to the official Straight Talk website.

Below are some examples of the great deals, discounts, and promos that Straight Talk is currently
offering. Each of these makes use of a different Straight Talk promo code, so make sure that you choose
the right one before you click on any of the deals. While activating the deals vary depending on the
third party website, you just need to follow the steps enumerated on each site. Once you have chosen
a deal that you want to take advantage of, click on the icon to activate it. After this, you will be asked to
visit the official website of Straight Talk to receive the discounts and the savings.